Rixton are a four-piece band who you are certain to fall madly in love with. and (since 15th May 2014)
Is jake in a relationship?

As far as i’m aware, he’s not.

I apologise for my serious lack of activity on this account recently. Life is just so hectic at the moment. I got into university and now i’m trying to sort out everything to do with that as well as working 35+ hours a week and trying ti fit a social life in there somewhere. It’s hard work. I’m hoping i’ll have more time once I move away and am at university.


By @lewi_rixton “Teen choice with ma brothers! x”


Rixton @ Irving Plaza | New York, NY | 2014

by Liz Swezey

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Jake and Danny being handcuffed together

Rixton accept their nomination for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


By @jake_rixton “Seattle. We’re on our way to play. #brokenhearttour”

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Hi would you mind telling your followers that I have rixton tickets to sell? It's for LA August 23! Thank you!

Anyone interested? 

So I was reading your faqs and you said that charley and Danny are in a relation ship.. Are they in a relationship with someone famouse? (That's all I want to know)

Danny is, Charley isn’t.

All the hard work paid off and I found out this morning that I got into Birmingham City University to study Media and Communication!